Etomite CMS

Etomite was founded in 2003 (called BCMS until September 2004) as a free open source Content Management System (CMS) that is primarily focused on making it easy for users to manage content properly without additional features like galleries, forums and similar modules.

It was created by Alex Butter as a PHP-MySQL application and released under the GPL (General Public License). Dean Steventon and Ralph Dahlgren maintained it in and around 2006.

The latest available version 1.1 was released in May 2008 by Ralph Dahlgren. Since then, Etomite hasn’t been developed or maintained.

etomite-version-1.1- demo site screencap

You can still download the last available version and take a look at the demo:

In 2004, Raymond Irving and Ryan Thrash developed a mashup for Etomite which officially became a fork in 2005 known as MODX.

In 2021, MODX has become one of the leading open source content management systems, licensed under the GPL. It is written in PHP and supports MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server as the database.


MODX is known as the “The Anti-Bloat Content Management Framework” – providing users with “all the tools you need to build and host what you want, your way, without the bloat of traditional CMS and cloud hosting solutions.”

It is a powerful CMS that is comparable to Drupal and Joomla! – primarily aimed at web developers with technical skills rather than non-coders who need a more intuitive CMS. It is more of a framework for developers who know what they are doing and can leverage on the high performance offered by the platform.

It has a simple search engine friendly code architecture that makes template customization easier, with extensions that make it possible for front-end editing.

Find out more about MODX: