How can you offer premium products for free?

WordPress is open source software and licensed under the GPL, theme and plugin developers who create derivative works (i.e software that relies on WordPress to function) are encouraged to adopt the same licensing structure as WordPress, and many do. The GPL allows users to use, share, modify and redistribute software as they please. This enables us to redistribute software developed by authors such as iThemes, LayerSlider, Revolution Slider & more for a much lower price than charged by the original authors (free). The only difference between using our plugins and buying them is that if you buy them you are entitled to support (& updates for a set time), and are supporting the developers time taken to code them.

Are these plugins modified in any way?

No – we have direct access to the original downloads; so it means that you get what we get.
If you find something has been changed – alert us straight away incase we’ve been supplied compromised files.

Do you provide License Keys?

All these products are licensed under GNU GPL License and hence you do not require any license keys to use these tools. But these tools uses license key to get automatic update from their developers which can be purchased from original developers only. So we do not provide license keys. However, regular updated files will be uploaded to our website as and when they are available.

What don’t I get?

We are unable to provide any support for the downloads. Please consider buying from the original author if you need support.